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"Worldwide Reach, it's not just a concept, it's a way of business."

ACE Phase Converter Operates Globally

ACE Phase Converter is continuing to branch out,  providing solutions for clients on a world wide scale.

In a recent development staff meeting, plans for dual rated frequencies on all standard phase converter models have been finalized.

Standard stocked units will soon be available for customers located in regions powered by 50Hz. This change is expected to open up a whole new level of possibilities.

Customers requiring 50Hz operation will now be able to have units shipped on the same day as orders are received compared to the more traditional week or more once expected.


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ACE hase Converter Powring a Vineyard in France

"A small winery in northern France is considering adding a new larger, 3-phase de-stemmer to  accommodate a recently increased vineyard harvest. All of the smaller machinery previously run by this winery had always been run on the single phase power available by the local power provider. To operate their new machinery, they consulted ACE Phase Converter to provide the 3-phase power required. An order is placed, shipping their Phase Converter via expedited freight. Within hours of arrival, the unit is installed and they’re able to continue their harvest."

The scenario above is representative of the core of ACE Phase Converter's international solutions & support offerings. Company wide, we take great pride in the creation of specialized solutions for diverse clients in a more and more global setting.

Although much more efficient & commonly utilized for industrial applications, 3-phase power remains to be only provided where a utility power provider may expect a significant return on the initial installation costs. The vast majority of all residential, light industrial & rural power grids internationally are generally only configured with single phase power as an option. This creates a problem for the machinery owner who is located in these regions. ACE Phase Converter has built it's very foundation in providing for these dilemmas.

Whether your located in a major metropolitan area within the United States, or a remote village in the Middle East, ACE Phase Converter is eager to assist you in running your 3-phase machinery, getting back on track again.

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