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You want quiet?
ACE Phase Converter Has You Covered

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ACE Phase Converter Smooth Sine Revolutionary Technology has Arrived.

ACE Phase Converter now employs a new technology that actually reduces sound levels as the load increases.  

This compensates for changing load conditions, reducing the effects of vibration & load balancing.

Quiet - Vibration Free  

ACE Phase Converter - Designs Aligned With the Way You Do Business. 



sound level comparison between ACE Phase Converter and blowdryer, washing machine

"Industry Leader in Sound Sensitive Technology? You Bet!"

ACE Phase Converter has pioneered the thinking that, as much as possible this is a machine you'd prefer just to blend into the background. The traditional philosophy in the industry would have you believe that a noisy system is "normal" after all it's an industrial product... right? We disagree strongly.

One of the first priorities during product development on a new ACE phase converter product is to Identify, Isolate and finally to Eliminate any excessive source of audible noise. This is achieved through a rigorous battery of standardized testing procedures. Throughout development and even into production, checks are made for final sound compliance verification on each unit prior to packaging & shipment.

A note from inside the company

"Speaking openly to a mutual associate during a personal outing, I was engaged discussing the set up of a winery in Napa Valley, California. He was talking about the use of this “noise box” they’d have to turn on every morning prior to going about their day to day operations.

When I inquired further regarding what he was referring to as a “noise box” he laughingly gave the name of a manufacturer of phase converter. It was one of our larger competitors whose name I’ll tastefully omit from mention here. I was honestly surprised even given the particular brand.

Although I’ve herd such complaints from users of other designs and makes before, up to this point I hadn’t given it much thought that we may be providing an un-usually quiet option by comparison. This has always been a prime area of interest for us.”   

Director of Manufacturing - ACE Phase Converter

Explanation of sound measurements & ratings

Sounds can be measured using absolute units of energy or pressure, e.g. watts per unit area or millibars, but these numbers become very large and impractical. Thus the Decibel (dB) system was developed. Sound is expressed in terms of logarithmic ratio between two values, usually the intensity or pressure of the sound being measured and a reference intensity or pressure. The formula for calculating a logarithmic ratio, or level, in decibels is expressed as:

dB = 101og 



Using the logarithmic ratio we can compress the entire range of audible sound pressure into a convenient scale of 0 to 140 dB.
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