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Phase Converters

What is a Phase Converter?

A phase converter is a mechanism which converts single phase electrical power into three phase power. There are many different types of phase converters. Additionally, there are many different manufacturers who produce phase converters.

Finding the right product for you needs may at first seem overwhelmingly difficult. That's where ACE Phase Converter comes into play. We make it easy for you to size a phase converter using our applications & sizing page. Want to make it even easier? Just give us a call with your specifications, and we will tell you what model phase converter you can use for you application.

ACE Phase Converters can be used with any type of three phase load. Have more than one piece of equipment? Our phase converters can also handle multiple loads and mixed loads. Not all brand phase converters have this capability. ACE Phase Converter offers the best quality and highest value phase converters on the market. Additionally, all standard unit's are generally stocked and can usually ship on the same day.

ACE Phase Converter Smooth Sine™ Signature Series Phase Converters

From its beginning, “Phase Converter” has been a part of ACE Phase Converter’s very name. Today, our applications for this technology are nearly endless. Our deep portfolio of existing installations, systems and services speaks to the lasting necessity of the industry we helped create.

ACE Phase Converters generate 3-phase electricity with an active hybrid generator which runs on single phase power. This technology is utilized to ensure the greatest possible return on your investment in terms of life span and energy consumption.

ACE Phase Converter utilizes proprietary Smooth Sine™ technology. This provides a smooth waveform to ensure longevity of your equipment, as well as proper running operation. This is the sine wave output you will get from any one of our quality ACE Phase Converter Smooth Sine™ Signature Series.

3 Phase Power, The Same As Utility Company Supplies It

ACE Phase Converter produces 3 phase power the same way a power generation plant produces power. We do this using a rotary generator, just as the power generation plant does. ACE Phase Converter harnesses this same concept to convert your single phase supply power into three phase power. A hybrid rotary generator spins off of your single phase supply power, and generates a third line of power. During this process, the phases are shifted 120° from one another.

ACE Phase Converter Provides Private Label Phase Converters & OEM Solutions

Manufacturing private label phase converters that work for your company is our primary focus. We partner with businesses of all sizes that all have separate needs. When you partner with ACE Phase Converter, you receive the most exceptional product, carefully packaged and labeled, produced and shipped in a timely manner, all at a price that works for your business.

A brand is a very powerful tool. It's a visual image that encapsulates a perceived value associated with your company, product or service by customers and potential customers. As competition intensifies, business owners are realizing the power of branding through private labeling as part of an ingenious business strategy. ACE Phase Converter offers resellers and OEM's the opportunity to build recognition for their own company and product, as well as develop customer loyalty.

ACE Phase Converter Provides Global Solutions

ACE Phase Converter is the leading global innovator, manufacturer and marketer of single to three phase power conversion products. We serve global enterprises through technology and innovation. Our worldwide reach allows companies to continue running their day to day operations effortlessly. Whether your located in a major metropolitan area within the United States, or a remote village in the Middle East, ACE Phase Converter is eager to assist you in running your 3-phase machinery, getting back on track again.

ACE Phase Converter Designed, With Simplicity In Mind

Installations can now be performed in a fraction of the time compared to conventional phase converter connection systems. Secure terminal-less connections are achieved using heavy duty oversized connections blocks. This eliminates the need for crimp-on terminals, wire nuts etc. Once wires have been run and stripped, the actual connection termination process takes just seconds. Input and output connections are clearly marked on the phase converter; 1-Phase input and 3-Phase output. Simply connect single phase (2 wires & ground) to the Input connections block and three phase (3 wires & ground) to the Output connections block. All ACE Phase Converters come with field re-configurable voltage capabilities. Designed to provide a clear versatility advantage, all units are field re-configurable to operate on multiple voltages. Should your voltage needs ever change ACE Phase Converter has you covered.


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